Natural Seasoninngs

Natural flavoring is used as the main raw material for the clean waters
of the South Island and seafood made with the best ratio in the
obvious choice for our taste.

Natural Seasoninngs


Salted seaweed

Golden Hill, you can feel the rich flavor and aroma of the sea salted processed
immediately after harvest in order to maintain the freshness of the product.

Salted Sea Tangle

Salted Sea Mustard Stem

Seaweed Fulvescens


Dride Food

Eco-friendly organic agricultural produce which is
safe to eat natural, healthy brand with the best system.

Dried Anchovy-S

Dried Anchovy-M

Dried Anchovy-L


Articles algae

Kim vitamins, proteins, minerals and reporting, a kind of amino acid taurine
and many recommend fatigue, improve liver function, accelerate metabolism.

Dried Laver

Dried Sea Mustard

Dried Sea Tangle

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