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Middle sized anchovies

Middle sized anchovies

Taste 100% reliable Golden Hill anchovies with the best quality!

As a pollution-free natural food, anchovies contain a lot of minerals, as well as protein and calcium—which is excellent for the development of children, prevention of osteoporosis among climacteric women, formation of fetal bones and bones of mothers.

they are 1.6~3cm and used in stir-fries. They are delicious and they taste good for both children and adults when cooked with nuts.


Low in calories and fat, calcium -rich foods have a good diet during potassium and mineral supplements.
Good for osteoporosis prevention in protein and minerals such as calcium, DHA is abundant in natural growth and development of children and menopausal women to prevent osteoporosis, the bone is an excellent food supplement component of the bone formation of the fetus and the mother.
Also rich in Vitamin D and Zinc also prevent various cancers has got the potency that removes free radicals.

Suggested Use : Anchovy is robbing the water gently washed under running water in a pan oil, soy sauce, put it most commonly eaten fried noodles and sugar and even made out with anchovy broth is very good.

Weight : 450g