Algae Feel the freshness of the sea, a gift from GoldenHill!

Salted Sea Mustard

Salted Sea Mustard

February-March were collected immediately after cooling to saengmiyeok pickled after cold storage in the palm poached in water with seaweed excellent taste and flavor of the product.


Seaweed is a very effective diabetes prevention and food ingredients in seaweed called alginate surface is water-soluble dietary fiber ingredients will help to suppress the rapid rise in blood sugar absorbs the nutrients and moisture.
Alginate is another heavy metals in the body, as well as environmental Glands, which have the effect of such emissions by adsorbing carcinogenic potency that there is proliferation of intestinal beneficial bacteria and simultaneously emit carcinogens in the intestines great for colorectal cancer prevention.
It also helps to contract the uterus rich in calcium and folic acid and is a very good food for women ( pregnant women ).

Suggested Use : The use of seaweed, beef, this soup boil put the mussels, etc. The most common is hot lightly boil in water with seasonings chogochujang recommended to eat raw, eat and seaweed creates a cold dish in summer.

Weight : 300g, 5Kg