Algae Feel the freshness of the sea, a gift from GoldenHill!

Salted Sea String

Salted Sea String

Kkosiraegi We recommend a smooth taste simyeon head miso vinegar sauce or noodles called sea.


The most typical ingredients of a kkosiraegi may kkopeul taurine Taurine is helping digestion and bowel activity is rich in dietary fiber helps the fatigue it contains large amounts of potassium are also now clean up the blood vessels.
Also very well, also known as fat and low carbohydrate content of the diet foods helps to prevent illnesses.

Suggested Use : Kkosiraegi, we recommend that you consume then rinse 2-3 times in cold water, soak for 30 minutes or more.
Chogochujang cucumber, and sweet and sour to eat muchyeo put the onions, cucumbers naengguk, young radish eat bean water broth and put gravy very good.

Weight : 300g, 5Kg