Algae Feel the freshness of the sea, a gift from GoldenHill!

Salted Sea Weed Fusiforme

Salted Sea Weed Fusiforme

Chop fresh harvested from selected only clean up the southern area, you can feel the texture of kkodeul kkodeul a unique Tots.


Chop is rich in calcium contained in milk and got about 15 times higher than the efficiency boosts bone density to prevent osteoporosis, as well as a very good nutrients for growing children.
In addition, the iron of the Chop similar to the main component of hemoglobin in the blood attacks do have a help in preventing anemia in the cheonghyeol action.
Another plant belonging to brown algae, such as the Tots have got the ingredients that fucoidan is inactive tumor cells and immune cells which have this effect by activating a good nutrient in various cancers.

Suggested Use : Eat more fresh when you order the Chop Chop adding a little vinegar to the water when called to pray fishy taste disappears eat bibimbap eat or put on make Chop salad is very good.

Weight : 300g, 5kg