Algae Feel the freshness of the sea, a gift from GoldenHill!

Seaweed Fulvescens

Seaweed Fulvescens

Golden Hill frozen seaweed fulvescens has rich flavors preserved as it was quickly frozen after being processed precisely when seaweed fulvescens taste best and we harvest from the cleanest area in the southwest sea.
Seaweed fulvescens is an alkali food and has a lot of vitamin A, C, chlorophyll, calcium, iron and minerals.
It is good for promoting the growth and development of children and for preventing osteoporosis.
It is also very effective at curing a hangover, as it improves liver function and relieves depression and physical stress.


Seaweed Fulvescens potassium, iron, iodine it contains are various minerals and vitamins in abundance of great help in the prevention of osteoporosis and children’s growth and development and is effective for various illnesses prevented by cleaning the blood vessels to lower cholesterol by eliminating body waste.
In addition, inorganic salts, vitamin A, vitamin C rich ingredients help to relieve stress mentally and physically.

Suggested Use : Seaweed Fulvescens shall eat boiled in soup or put muchyeo sesame oil , flour and mix the dough and then eat a good cook around .

Weight : 400g