As a pollution-free natural food, anchovies contain a lot of minerals,
as well as protein and calcium—which is excellent for the development of children,
prevention of osteoporosis among climacteric women, formation of fetal bones and bones of mothers.

Dried anchovies are shorter than 1.5cm and are used in stir-fries. As they are smaller and softer, children can easily enjoy them and they are commonly found in snacks or side dishes or lunch boxes.
they are 1.6~3cm and used in stir-fries. They are delicious and they taste good for both children and adults when cooked with nuts.
they are 4.6~5.7cm and commonly used for soups and snacks served with alcoholic beverages at home. Even a small amount adds rich flavors, so they are commonly used for soups in restaurants and homes.

Seaweed Fulvescens

Golden Hill frozen seaweed fulvescens has rich flavors preserved as
it was quickly frozen after being processed precisely when seaweed fulvescens taste best and
we harvest from the cleanest area in the southwest sea.
Seaweed fulvescens is an alkali food and has a lot of vitamin A, C, chlorophyll, calcium, iron and minerals.
It is good for promoting the growth and development of children and for preventing osteoporosis.
It is also very effective at curing a hangover, as it improves liver function and relieves depression and physical stress.

Articles algae

You can feel the rich flavor and aroma of the sea to dry immediately after harvest processing in order to maintain the freshness of the product.


Sea Mustard

Seaweed has abundant alginic acid, a type of muco-polysaccharide, and fiber, which help purge heavy metals and contaminants from the body. In addition, it is a very healthy food because it has a lot of calcium that is essential for forming bones and teeth, potassium that improves mental health, and selenium, which can prevent the occurrence of cancer.


Sea Tangle

Kelp is low in calories and fat but is rich in fiber, so it prevents constipation, gives a feeling of fullness and helps us lose weight. It also helps us to avoid hypertension as it has potassium and laminin, which lower blood pressure, and alginic acid, which lowers cholesterol.


Dried Laver

Dried seaweed is a source of vitamins, proteins and minerals, and it contains a lot of taurine, which is good for enhancing liver function and improving the metabolism.

Natural Seasonings

Golden Hill natural seasoning provides a healthy ‘taste of nature’
produced by combining eco-friendly agricultural products from Jeollanam-do,
a green area, and aquatic products from the clean sea.

Salted seaweed

Golden Hill salts materials immediately after harvesting them in order to keep products fresh. You can experience the rich tastes and flavors of the sea.


Salted Sea Tangl

The production of seaweed were collected from March to April this highquality processing of freshly machined delicious and very fresh.


Salted Sea Mustard

February-March were collected immediately after cooling to saengmiyeok pickled after cold storage in the palm poached in water with seaweed excellent taste and flavor of the product.


Salted Sea Mustard Stem

Serve fresh and intact singsingham of the sea, clean, kkodeul kkodeul delicious nutritious seaweed stem rather salty.


Salted Sea String

Kkosiraegi We recommend a smooth taste simyeon head miso vinegar sauce or noodles called sea.


Salted Sea Weed Fusiforme

Chop fresh harvested from selected only clean up the southern area, you can feel the texture of kkodeul kkodeul a unique Tots.